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Visual Communication Network was created in 2015. Our goal is to allow businesses to get better known by their current and potential customers. The team includes several experienced LED display technicians. Our expertise even leads our competitors use our services for the maintenance and repair of their LED equipment! Check out our media kit to find out our offers.


The Organization of Independent Displays of Quebec (OAIQ) is a group of independent display advertisers, born from the enthusiasm of RCV-LED customers to have traditional display solutions, in addition to their LED screens. Always attentive to its customers, the team therefore decided to set up this grouping. Thanks to the powerful purchasing power resulting from this merger, the OAIQ is able to offer a wide variety of billboards at competitive prices, thus opening up the display advertising market by making it accessible to companies that previously could not afford this kind of advertising. You can visit the OAIQ website by following this link.

We are here for you

Your business is important to us. We’re here to help you market your business. Whether it is for your advertising display needs or for the purchase of LED screens, we support you throughout the process.


Our prices and specifications

Our business model allows us to offer a wide variety of display solutions at very competitive prices. Whatever your needs, we will offer you the best price on the market.


We offer a wide range of LED display equipment for your business. No matter the field, we have the required equipment according to your needs, both indoors and outdoors.


You want to promote your services by renting an advertising space, we have the solution, at a very competitive price.

« We are very happy with the speed and the efficiency of their service. It’s a great team of courteous and professional people. »

-Julie Royer, H Grégoire

« A professional and expert team in the field of digital signage. Courteous and prompt service. We are very satisfied with the services offered by RCV-LED. »

-Frédéric Grenier, Tennis 13 Fitness


We will take the time necessary to answer your questions and advise you on the best option for YOUR business.