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Display yourself in YOUR business.

For some time now, display advertising and video has experienced tremendous growth in the market due to its efficiency. Purchase your own indoor and outdoor signage with an LED advertising screen. You will thus ensure permanent visibility of your products and services to your customers. Check out our media kit to find out our offers.

A return on your investment (ROI).

Using your own billboards to continuously promote your products and services then becomes a cost effective and economical solution.

We take care of everything!

A team of several experienced LED display technicians are at your service throughout Quebec. We are renowned for offering:

  • Excellent after-sales service;
  • Solutions adapted to your needs;

  • Optimal maintenance of your LED advertising screen.

With our recognized professional services, you will keep your equipment longer and maximize your investment.

Activity area

  • Real estate

    Condos – Residential projects – Brokers

  • Car


  • Education

    Training centers – Schools

  • Professional

    Dentists – Lawyers – Accountants

  • Sport

    Golf clubs – Gyms – Tennis centers


AI 1

The « Classic »

Affordable solution for any type of business.

56 x 28 po (4 modules) HORIZONTAL
14 x 112 po ( banderole)

AI 2

The « Perfect One »

Perfect for those looking for greater visibility and a good impact on their customers.

112 x 56 po (16 modules) HORIZONTAL

AI 3

The « Giant »

Stand out from the competition with our largest indoor LED display with customizable models.

252 x 126 po (10x20pi) HORIZONTAL
14 x 112 po ( banderole)


AE 1

The « Classic »

The classic is suitable for any business or company that wants to have good visibility with high-end technological equipment.

56 x 28 po (4 modules) HORIZONTAL
14 x 112 po (banderole)

AE 2

The « Super Star »

The Super Star is the perfect display for your banner display needs with scrolling text or square format.

112 x 28 po (8 modules) HORIZONTAL
56 x 56 po CARRÉ

AE 3

The « Grand Vegas »

Our largest LED screen before the customized models, created for those who want to stand out.

84 x 56 po (12 modules) HORIZONTAL
54 x 86 po VERTICAL


  • High-end LED modules

  • Indoor and Outdoor

  • Construction adapted to Quebec weather conditions

  • Wi-Fi remote control computer

  • Magic eye adjusting brightness automatically


  • Free software updates

  • A 24-month warranty on the equipment (possibility of 60 months)

  • Free delivery (certain conditions apply)

  • High quality material

  • Financing with ACCORD D


  • 360 degree LED ring

  • Interactive totem

  • Transparent screen

  • And more!


      Our team of specialized professional technicians can maintain your LED screens or other related equipment.


      We can offer you the format that meets your specific needs. Any imaginable LED screen size is possible.


      Prices available on request depending on the project, its access and its location. Contact us to discuss about the best solution for you.


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